Oncogenomics for Health Professionals

General information

The course "Oncogenomics for health professionals" is aimed at improving knowledge, attitude, and practice of physicians on the fundamental principles of genetics and on the major clinical applications of genomic technologies in oncology, based on the most recent scientific evidence. 

The course is mainly intended for Physicians and Medical Doctors of all specialties and Biologists.

Registration is open from 8th April 2021 to 30th September 2021  6th December 2021 (new deadline)
Registration procedures 
10.000 attendes
Italian CME credits will be issued for:
  • Medical Doctors (all specialties) 
  • Biologists
N. of CME credits 16  (corresponding to 16 hours of training)
ID CME - ID ISS318370 - 165F21
Continuing Medical Education (CME) objectiveApplication of Evidence Based Practice (EBM, EBN, EBP) principles and procedures to everyday practice
Course delivery phase
8th April 2021 - 7th October 2021 13th December 2021 (new deadline)
Estimated hours of training 
16 hours
Other information
Course programme

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