Oncogenomics for health professionals

General information

The course "Oncogenomics for health professionals" is aimed at improving knowledge, attitude, and practice of physicians on the fundamental principles of genetics and on the major clinical applications of genomic technologies in oncology, based on the most recent scientific evidence. 

The course is mainly intended for Physicians and Medical Doctors of all specialties, Biologists and Pharmacists

The course consists of four modules: 

  • Module 1: Basics elements of human genetics and oncogenetics  (ELM/2023/00277)
  • Module 2: Currently available genetic/genomic tests for cancer screening and diagnosis  (ELM/2023/00278) 
  • Module 3: The role of genetic testing and counselling in risk assessment of hereditary cancers  (ELM/2023/00279)
  • Module 4: Main applications of pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine in oncology  (ELM/2023/00280)

Please note that:

  1. the four modules are part of a single training course (i.e. it is not possible to take a single module, but all 4 must be taken); 
  2. the course has been accredited by EACCME (https://eaccme.uems.eu/) for 12 hours credits (3 each module);
  3. the course includes a single final certification test consisting of 60 questions (15 questions per module)
  4. the course is passed with at least 75% correct answers

Registration is open from April 9, 2024 to April 2, 2025
10.000 attendees
Physicians of all specialties (general practitioners and other specialists) and other health care professionals as biologists, and pharmacists
ID ISS173F24_F
European CME Credits (ECMEC®s)12 credits (3 each module)
Course delivery phase
 April 9, 2024 - April 9, 2025
Estimated hours of training 
12 hours
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Course programme

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